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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey spends 10 days in Myanmar: Single room, basic bed, 117 mosquito bites and no dinner


After his visit to India in mid-November, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey headed to Mynamar. We didn’t know earlier why he was visiting the country that in the recent years has been in news due to religious strife that has seen almost a government-sponsored violence targeted at Rohingyas. Myanmar has been cited as a place by United Nations where social media has been used to spread misinformation and hatred on a mass scale. So the world though that Jack was visiting the country to understand how Twitter was being used there and what were the implications.

Turns out the world was wrong. Now we know why Jack went to Myanmar. After coming back from his 10-day tour of the country, Jack Dorsey has given out some details of his Myanmar trip. He went there to meditate, which also meant to be celebration of birthday that falls on November 19.


Turns out that just like his trip to India led to a controversy — Jack inadvertently sparked a talk about caste in India after he was posed holding a poster that said “smash Brahminical patriarchy” — his trip to Myanmar too has sparked a controversy. Jack talks about he had a great time in Myanmar meditating, and tells the world to go visit the country. But his tweets have been deemed tone-deaf by many, with some saying that as CEO of Twitter he should have kept in mind the violence that has led to deal of thousands of people in Myanmar.

Some also find Jack’s tweets pretentious. He is not only the CEO of Twitter but also one of wealthiest people in the world with net worth of over $4 billion. Many say that if he is talking about basic necessities, pain, frugal life and mosquito bites, that is in poor taste.

Well, aside from controversies, here is a quick look at everything that Jack reveals in his tweets, including the place where he stayed.

— Jack’s Myanmar trip started on November 19, his birthday. He tweets: “For my birthday this year, I did a 10-day silent vipassana meditation, this time in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar. We went into silence on the night of my birthday, the 19t.”

— Silence seems to have been the major theme of this holiday that Jack took. He says that he completely disconnected from office and work. All phones and laptops were switched. Although, the tweets of the Twitter CEO reveal that he kept using Apple Watch and Oura Ring in airplane mode as health tracking device.

— In Myanmar, Jack learnt more about Vipassana. He says, “Vipassana is a technique and practice to know thyself. It was rediscovered by Gautama the Buddha 2,500 years ago through rigorous scientific self-experimentation to answer the question: how do I stop suffering… Vipassana’s singular objective is to hack the deepest layer of the mind and reprogram it: instead of unconsciously reacting to feelings of pain or pleasure, consciously observe that all pain and pleasure aren’t permanent, and will ultimately pass and dissolve away.”

— Talking of pain, Jack apparently comes to the conclusion that people must endure the pain and live through it. “Vipassana would likely be good for those suffering chronic pain to help manage it. That’s not the goal of course, but definitely a simple practice to help. Being able to sit without moving at all for over an hour through pain definitely teaches you a lot about your potential,” he says.

— In Myanmar, Jack lived in Dhamma Mahima in single room with a basic bathroom, a metal bed and basic mattresses and sheets. He believed he lived a monk’s life. “This is my room. Basic. During the 10 days: no devices, reading, writing, physical excercise, music, intoxicants, meat, talking, or even eye contact with others. It’s free: everything is given to meditators by charity,” he tweeted.


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