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Microsoft drops Windows 10’s ‘Sets’ feature

It looks like Microsoft’s Windows 10 development team has stopped implementing Sets, which is basically a system-wide feature that was supposed to bring tabs to a number of Windows 10 applications but also lets users open multiple tabs in the same window in order to run different programs. The feature was promised to bring a whole new […]

Latest April 2019 Gadget Launches: Impressive Smartphones, Apps, Gadgets to look out for!

This week, we have a collage of launches that will get unveiled in early April 2019 and end of March 2019. So, here it goes! The first one in our list was launched by the end of March- the Lenovo acquired Motorola. Next, are the early tech birds of April. Samsung will un-box the Galaxy […]

Gadget goes to Hollywood

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is no stranger to Africa. He has travelled throughout South Africa, taught maths in Swaziland for two years with the Peace Corps, and visits close family in Maputo. As a result, he is keenly aware of the South African entertainment and connectivity landscape. In an exclusive interview at the Netflix studios […]