Malala Yousafzai receives award from Harvard University: Facts on the youngest Nobel winner

Malala, who became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, is now a student at Oxford University. Hardvard University honoured Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai with the 2018 Gleitsman Award on Thursday, December 6, for her work promoting the education of girls across the world. The 21-year-old received the 2018 Gleitsman Award […]

NASA’s InSight records sound waves from Mars

NASA’s InSight, a new Mars lander, captured the first sounds of the Martian winds on Dec. 1. However, it was released by NASA on December 07, 2018. Listen to the wind waves of Mars. InSight sensors captured a haunting low rumble caused by vibrations from the wind, estimated to be blowing between 10 to 15 […]

Russian scientists discover new giant herbivorous dinosaur Volgatitan

In a recent development, scientists from Russia identified a new giant herbivorous dinosaur, which they have named as the Volgatitan. Palaeontologists from St Petersburg University in Russia describe the dinosaur to have a long neck and tail, which lived on earth about 130 million years ago. Seven of its vertebrae were found on the banks […]