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How Gadget is inking SVOD original movie deals

Since launching last year, LA-based indie prodco Gadget Studios is batting 1,000 when it comes to greenlights from streaming services for its original live-action kids and family features. On November 1, the company’s 45-minute mixed media feature L.O.L. Surprise: Winter Disco debuted as an exclusive Amazon Prime Original movie. Gadget’s first original IP Adventure Force 5 (pictured), meanwhile, will […]

How much to save and how to invest for your child’s education

Mumbai: How soon is too soon to plan for something like your kid’s education? Is it when you decide which kind of school you want to put your child into or when you get the news of having a child? “The best time to start financial planning for your child’s education is when you are aware that you are […]

How Digitization Can be a Game-changer For India’s Education Sector

Technology has left no industry untouched in the world with its wave of digital transformation. The world has entered into the digital age, and technology has touched every part of the human life, whether it is business, communication, travel, health, or education. A digitized education sector has the ability to transform a country through development […]